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Release 0.1.0 - 2007-03-21

addAdded a Loader implementation for MillScript and a MillScript plugin configuration file to configure this Loader in an installation.moya
addAdded very simple formula support, based on the MillScript engine, hence we inherit the limitations of that engine. e.g. currently only integer arithmetic is supported, but we will inherit floating point arithmetic when it is implemented.moya
addAdded common implementations for all the basic spread sheet structures so that individual implementations are much easier.moya
addAdded parallel workbook/worksheet/row/column/cell reference hierarchy to contain the back-pointers to the parent element. This allows us to easily copy spreadsheets and share elements without having to maintain all the pointers.moya
addAdded rudimentary workbook/worksheet implementation which can handle very simple Excel spreadsheets, e.g. just numbers and strings, no formulas yet.moya
addAdded as many records as I can find, mostly unimplemented, but at least they are there. The unimplemented ones came from the OpenOffice and KDE source.moya
addAdded string tokenizing, although it needs full support for the rich text and Asian phonetic settings.moya
addAdded the basic Excel file stream tokenizer, which is intended to tokenize a workbook/worksheet stream into record tokens.moya
addAdded the initial compound document(OLE2) VFS implementation, currently read-only.moya