Changes Report

Release History


Release 0.3.0 - 2007-03-21

updateRefactored MIME handler resolving methods to take a single parameter - the virtual file to be handled. For any existing uses of the removed parameter, the previously specified folder is the parent of the file.moya
updateRefactored the process for making the root folder for a volume. This is now created on demand, in different ways for MIME or protocol volumes.moya
updateUpdated the constructors throughout the abstract implementations of the VFS with the aim of simplifying the construction process.moya
addAdded a method to get a local version of a virtual entry, e.g. copy a remote file to the local disk/memory and return a virtual entry for that copymoya
removeRemoved the VRootFolder type and hence the link between a volume and the root folder - an unnecessary abstraction, just get the root folder from the volume and carry on as before.moya
addMigrating to Java 5 - annotated overrides, covariant return types and generics type informationmoya
updateUpdated to use improved decoration features in release 0.2.0 of the Alert codemoya
fixUpgraded to CVS version of inetlib to fix poor performance of HTTP support, specifically the HEAD requestsmoya
addAdded serialVersionUID's to serializable classes, to enable version handling when serializing. Fixes 1201307.moya

Release 0.2.0 - 2005-04-11

fixFixed major bug in the read only ZIP support, which was incorrectly calculating entry names in folders.moya
addAdded FTP protocol support, with tests(but you need a local FTP server)moya
updateSwitched from Apache HTTP client to GNU inetlib, this eliminates the potential licensing issue. It's also a smaller library which includes other protocols.moya
fixFixed a small bug in causing URI's to be unnecessarily calculated twicemoya
addAdded a utility system console virtual file. This doesn't have a parent volume or folder, but it allows access to the standard input and output in a way that is consistent with other VFS file access.moya

Release 0.1.0 - 2005-02-19

fixFixed and simplified the VFolder.make(String) method, which was overly complicated before.moya
addAdded a new cannot open entry alert.moya
addAdded a simple method in VFS to get the VFolder for the current working folder.moya
addmethod to easily create a chroot'd environment from any given VFolder.moya
addYou can now make the real equivalent for a virtual folder, providing the underlying implementation supports it of course!moya
addAdded reader and writer support, using a default character set specified in the VFS object you use to obtain access to virtual files.moya
addThe VFS object you use to resolve URI's into volumes, folders and files is now passed through to any volumes created. This allows that VFS object to be used for configuration.moya
addCompleted the implementation of LocalFile, so you can actually read and write to them now.moya
fixChanged VFileNotFoundAlert to be VEntryNotFoundAlert. I'd accidentally copied the name for the alert from the Java exception equivalent FileNotFoundException, but that's "file" specific...moya
addAdded Javadoc package documentation.moya
addAdded support for HTTP Content-Type header in addition to the standard file extension based determination.moya
fixDeliberately exclude the abstract and HTTP tests from the maven test goal. We need to include HTTP unit testing before we can test the HTTP volume support.moya
addAdded HTTP protocol supportmoya
fixCheckstyle report fixesmoya
fixAdded chroot tests.moya
fixSmall corrections to chroot system. We now allow a chroot volume to make it's chroot root folder. Listing a folders entries now lists all entries rather than just the files!moya
fixFixed a bug in ReadOnlyZipFolder that meant it was incorrectly identifying which ZipEntries were sub-entries of the folder.moya
updateUpdated tests to share common code, so all VFS implementations benefit from improving common tests.moya
addany virtual folder as the root of a new volume, but you will not be able to get out again! This is useful for the paranoid.moya
fixPath resolution code now properly handles slashes in the path. A leading slash causes a jump to the root folder, then the resolution proceeds relatively.moya
addChanged structure so that VFolders can have any VFolder as a parent. This allows a neat nested structure that matches the way URIs are parsed. You can have a ZipFolder which has a LocalFolder as it's parent now. This paves the way neatly for nested ZIPs, or any other archives.moya
addAdded methods to get an entries full path or relative to it's parent volume root folder. There are methods to get an absolute or relative path.moya
updateFurther refactoring of common abstract code to the top level org.millscript.commons.vfs package. This stuff is shared between protocol and MIME implementations.moya
addAdded nifty resolution code for resolving relative URIs against a given virtual folder.moya
addAdded VFS class, which is the entry point into the virtual filesystem.moya
updateSeparated out MIME type support from protocol support. They are not the same thing, so they shouldn't be implemented in the same way.moya
addInitial VFS implementation.moya