Changes Report

Release History

0.1.0never released

Release 0.3.0 - 2007-03-21

addImplemented Serializable for all classes are based on MillScript-Util functionalitymoya
addAdded namespace support in tokenizer, but they are only properly supported in conjunction with the well-formed tokenizer, as only the well-formed tokenizer knows when a namespace scope ends. Fixes 1282047.moya
fixFixed unique attribute specification well-formedness check.moya
updateUpdated the Name API to respect the equality defined in the Namepsaces in XML specification - only the namespace and local name are compared for equality, any prefix is ignored.moya
addMigrating to Java 5 - generics and annotated overridesmoya
updateConverted to use the MillScript-Util packages Map and List interfaces.moya
fixIn the well-formedness checks, allow whitespace after the document element.moya
add. The comparison is performed by namespace and then name, so Names in the same namespace will be grouped together.moya
fixFixed bug in Name reading which overwrote the contents of the current text buffer when an entity occured in normal character data.moya
fixFixed bug in character reference causing it to miss the ending semi-colon.moya
updateAdded initial version of missing parts of Attributes implementation.moya
updateChanged processing instruction token to store the data as a String rather than a character array, it's more convenient to pass around and doesn't require so much conversion.moya
updateAdded a Name implementation for use when namespace processing is switched off. Prefixed and unprefixed Name implementations no longer have a common parent(it wasn't worth the effort). Changed the name of the NameTokenizers to better indicate their intended use.moya
fixCorrected equals() and hashCode() methods in Name implementations to include the namespacemoya

Release 0.2.0 - 2005-07-20

updateUpdates to correct Checkstyle errors and warningsmoya
fixFixed bug where the end of file in a character data section would cause the tokenizer to throw an alert, rather than returning a token for any remaining character datamoya
removeRemoved the obsolete XML version method from the tokenizer implementationsmoya
addFilling in Javadoc API documentationmoya
updateToken implementations now implement AlertDecorator interface, so we can now use new Alert#decorate(Object) method.moya
removeTidied up the SAX parser implementation by removing unused XMLReaderConfiguration class and unnecessary fields from XMLReaderImpl. Also removed unused XmlParser class.moya
addAdded overrides for equals() and hashCode() methods of the Name implementations, enabling the easy comparision of Names. Now the well-formed tokenizer works!moya
fixFixed character encoding autodetection when byte order mark and XML declaration encoding are both missing.moya
fixFixed tokenizing of version, encoding and standalone attriubutes of the XML declarationmoya
addRe-implemented the SAX XMLReader interface using the new XmlTokenizer, the well-formedness delegate and a token visitor.moya
addAdded an XmlTokenizer delegate which performs all well-formedness checks that are not part of the basic XmlTokenizer(e.g. matching start and end tags, a single document element, etc)moya
fixAdded the processing instruction target to the XML APImoya
addAdded a hasNextToken() method to the XmlTokenizer interface. This makes the XmlTokenizer interface like an interator.moya
updateEmptyElemToken interface now extends StartTagToken and EndTagToken as it covers the functionality of both.moya
addAdded a DTD interface to the XML APImoya
removeRemoved EndDTDToken and StartDTDToken and replaced with a single DTDToken interfacemoya
addAdded low level XmlTokenizer implementation, which is missing DTD tokenization and only does basic well-formedness checks, not start/end tag matchingmoya
addAdded some useful culprits to the alerts for the base XML error alertmoya
updateSmall adjustments to the XML API resulting from implementing the reference XML tokenizermoya
removeRemoved the exception factory as the new tokenizer has switched to using alerts.moya
removeRemoved Comment interface from XML API - a String is good enough. I need to think about this a bit more, so it might come back!moya
addAdded some alerts for the basic types of XML error.moya
addMajor addition of a push and pull XML parsing API.moya

Release 0.1.0 - never released

addAdded an exception factory to encapsulate throwing any required exceptions.moya
removeCompletely removed the old name parser, reducing the complexity of the basic XML parser even further.moya
addRefactored the DTD parser into separate components, with models of the available delcaration.moya
fixFixed prefixed name parser, as it incorrectly caused an error if a name did not contain a colon.moya
addAdded namespace aware name parser, but full namespace URI support is still to be added.moya
addRefactoring based on emerging structure, to make code easier to understand. This will slot in with a soon to be provided application friendly push/pull XML processing API.moya
addAdded classes to hide away attribute declarationsmoya
fixFi xed standard internal general entities, to expand to the relevant character reference.moya
fixStopped element names appearing as the first part of an elements content.moya
fixFixed parsing of documents with no XML declaration.moya
addInitial XML parser implementation.moya